Why you should try Nordic walking

Why you should try Nordic walking


Nordic walking is a sport that you can practice anywhere you like with only a small investment in the required equipment. The difference between this exercise and regular walking is that it puts pressure on more muscle groups and allows you to tone your whole body with a simple stroll.

The origins of Nordic walking

Nordic walking evolved as a sporting activity in the middle of the 20th century in Finland. People in Scandinavia have a long history in cross-country walking and sports that involve hiking and trekking. Therefore, Nordic walking came naturally to the Finns, who made it famous in the neighboring countries as well. The sport implies walking for long distances with the help of two poles, similar to the ones used by skiers. The term “Nordic walking” was coined by American athletes when the exercise gained many supporters across the Atlantic Ocean in 1999.

Physical benefits

When you go for a regular walk, you put pressure on your legs, thighs and lower back. This basic exercise is good for your lower body as well as for your heart and your lungs. However, no matter how far you walk, your upper body remains completely neglected. This is where Nordic walking comes into the picture. By using the two poles, you exercise your arms, your pectoral muscles, and even your abdominal tissue. Therefore, with only short daily sessions of Nordic walking, you can maintain your whole body toned and the health of your internal organs intact.

Mental relaxation

Nordic walking is a form of reasonable effort that forces your brain into producing endorphins and other chemical compounds that set you in a good mood. Another great benefit of Nordic walking is that you can practice it with other people, regardless of their age. You can go for a short Nordic stroll with your kids, just as well as you can do it with your grandmother.

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