Android Games?

Android games are gaining traction day by day. As each day is passing, more and more people are lining up to play android games and it is becoming a crowded place to be. Lots of games are also coming up each day and only a few games are actually playable. With millions of games and millions of players, most games are going to fail and they should as they are just so boring and bad. We are today gathered here to identify a few good playable games that must be reviewed.

Hill Climb Racing is an old android game that was developed two years ago but considering how fun it is to play this game, it still has a million or more players playing worldwide. Many people are so happy with the game that they spend real money on it too. In this game, you have a few tasks like unlocking vehicles and maps and also upgrading the vehicles to drive better.

These maps that you unlock in this game like moon, desert etc are full of weird pattern terrains that require a lot of strategies to cross. It is hard to cross these maps as there are lots of twists and turns at every step. That is why it is important to drive the correct vehicle and a fully upgraded vehicle. Unlocking all vehicles and maps plus upgrading them can be time consuming. If you want an easy way, you go for unlimited coins hack for hill climb racing software and get these things unlocked as soon as possible. Even then the game will be quite challenging.

Subway Surfers is another very interesting game where you get to choose a character of your choice and then go running. While you run, your objectives are to collect as many coins and event items while dodging the on coming trains or parked trains because if you hit them, then you halt and the policeman with his dog that is running behind you will eventually catch you and put you behind bars. If you want to protect yourself and not get arrested then you better keep running without halting as only then you can make a big score in the game.

Try to upgrade all the special powers that the game gives you and also buy off lots of skate boards to protect yourself from the trains. If you play for longer time, you will make very high scores in the game. But all these upgrades are very time consuming as you will need lots of coins. Try this unlimited coins hack for subway surfers if you want to by pass the slow process that game wants you to go through to collect these coins before upgrading.


New Kids On The Block

Hi friends,

Nato has identified some of the latest games in the top Gym this weekend. Just a few days back our team at Nato had visited the Gold Gym, the largest here in our town and we saw several people on the treadmills. The reason behind this research was that as we had identified that people are playing games on their tabs or phones while walking or exercising, is the trend the same in gyms? Gym  has treadmills and it is easy to play while walking slowly on treadmill. This way people avoid being bored and enjoy while exercising and losing weight. We spotted a lot of players playing lots of games but what caught our attention was the following games:

8 Ball Pool – This is one such game that has made it possible for people to now exercise while playing Pool. Did you imagine that you can now play a game of Pool while walking on a treadmill? Yes this is crazy but pretty much what is happening in gyms these days. We previously thought that pool can only be played in clubs or houses that have a pool table but no more, now things are changing and people are playing pool on their phones or tabs even while doing exercise in a gym? We also caught hold of a guy browsing some 8ballpoolhack website and downloading some thousands of coins free of cost from there. If you visit the above website, it tells you to enter your username and it will deliver you coins.

Pixel Gun 3D – This is yet another game that was quite famous at that gym. People have been playing around with this game since last year and it is still going strong. This is a multiplayer shooting game, actually you can play a single player version as well and shoot down crazy zombies but multiplayer is what makes the game a real fun to play. In this game you need to buy weapons and then shoot down people. So for weapons, coins play an integral part of this game. We caught hold of a guy who was browsing pixelgun3dhack website and was downloading over a million coins. We literally saw him get unlimited like coins and buy off all the crazy weapons. To our surprise he then crushed several top players in the multiplayer round as well. Crazy?

Playing Games Is Healthy Like Walking

Is the headline too funny? Some may argue that walking has it’s own benefits to health and when we say that playing games on your phone can be healthy too, do you believe it? Well walking has health benefits to your legs or to your body but games can have a health benefit to your brains. Development of brains and enhancing of thinking power or abilities is equally important. We don’t say stop going for a walk and only play games but we do say that play games too at times, play strategy games or games where you need some planning to develop and enhance mind. But do play some time pass games as well to relax your mind and keep it from getting over exhausted.

Pou is one such time pass game that we wish to suggest to you today. Pou is a virtual pet game where you can take care of your pet, feed it, bath it or play with it. Have you ever had a pet in your life? If not then this is the time to experience it. Keep Pou as your pet and see if you can really take care of the pet like it is your baby. If not then you are not built for pets. We are suggesting every pet lovers to first try it out with a virtual pet and go for a real pet only if they succeed in winning a virtual pet story game. Now many people want a pet but they have no clue if they can take care of it properly. Play a game and take care of this baby. If you download from our store, you get fully unlocked with unlimited coins. We have made use of a software from online store.

As we told you, time pass game is not just the one that you need to play but also you need to play strategy games. One of the most important part of mind development via gaming is that you must play these plans and strategies related game. Life is all about enjoying and having fun, but whats the point of enjoying and not benefiting from it. Clash of Clans is the next game we would like to discuss today. Clash of Clans is a great war based strategy game, like your usual turn based games or MMORPG games. In Clash of clans you build defensive and offensive strategies and take out your enemy. Download this game from our store for free and get fully unlocked unlimited gems account for no cost at all. It is a free promotion from online store.

Walking And Playing Games on Xbox One Is A Reality Now!

Today we saw an interesting concept on the road when we were going for my evening walk. Everyday we go out for an evening walk, about 5 kilometers. Today while we were walking in the park, we saw something really interesting. We saw a guy who was walking at an average pace with earphones in his ear. The earphones were plugged to his smart phone. At first we thought he must be like everyone else listening to a song. But as we crossed him, we could not help but notice that he was actually playing a game. We were a bit shocked to see that people now walk as well as play a game at the same time. He was playing some game on his smart phone and walking alongside. We stopped him to find out what is happening and why he is doing it.

The guy surprised us with his answers. He said that walking is extremely boring. At first he started walking just like that, would get bored easily and then stopped. Then he started again, this time listening to songs, walked for few months and got bored. Now he is playing games while walking, this way he is able to continue moving forward in the game, enjoy the time while doing exercise and walking for health reasons.

Some of the games he is able to play while walking:

He told us that the best games to play while walking, the ones that are easy to play are mostly single player shooter games. These are the same action adventure games that are very famous today. He picks up the digital download versions of the games at this website which offers cheap games on Steam. Then he downloads them off to his phone and starts playing.

But today we saw that he was playing some football game and not a shooter action adventure game. We asked him about it obviously. He told us that he has been doing this for over a year now and has become a Pro. Being so good in playing games and walking, he is able to play all sorts of games now. Today he was playing the latest FIFA franchise game called FIFA 16. He says it is a fantastic game, the best version ever developed by EA Games. He told us that he plays these games live on his Xbox One. He has bought Xbox Live Codes from Microsoft and connects to the online game server live from his Xbox One.

We were a bit surprised because Xbox One is a gaming console that can be played from home, not when he is outside of home. So how? Well, apparently these days they are playing games on Xbox One through smart phones using internet and social gaming approach that is new to the gaming world. Now people can connect to their console from anywhere using internet and play online live.

A Memorable Limousine Service Experience

Today I had a very nice and memorable experience and I would like to share that with you guys. As you all know, we have built this website to discuss about walking and other benefits. We are supporters of clean environment and no pollution, we don’t support buying cars, we prefer to cycle or walk to our destination unless it is too far to go. We live in a city where there are pavements, cycles for free to use and other concepts but still people take out their cars to jam roads. Recently we discussed with our friends about benefits of taking a car ride on rent rather using own car . Today by mistake we experienced a service like that but thankfully very pleased. Usually we never use services like this, we just carpool or walk or cycle to our destinations but today we decided to give a Limousine service a try.

So we went to a Coffee shop which was a few kilometers away. It was a pleasant day, cloudy and windy, not too cold, not too warm. So we decided to go for a long walk to the coffee shop, me and my friend. We happily walked to the place, had our coffee but somehow it started raining very heavily. The rains would not stop and seeing the clouds above, pitch dark, we felt that the rain would not stop at all. So me and my friend had a small discussion and finally decided to downloaded a Limo NJ, a limousine service app on our phone and call a limousine. What triggered our decision was the recent discussion we had and we wanted to test out this car service to note some points on what exactly is the big difference between hiring a car or buying a car. Is these services so bad that people always prefer to buy own car and cause chaos on roads by jamming them with vehicles?

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